Editing – book #3 for the Kindle done and dusted.

After a hard week, I’ve finished the second book from my back catalogue. ‘Orb of Arawaan’ is a sci-fi/fantasy book set in a medieval-punk universe, for want of a better description. It is without doubt the best of my first six books, and luckily this meant that it did not need quite as much work doing to it as The Atlantic Connection did for me to be happy enough to make it available again. It’s been uploaded to the Kindle, and will be available for download within the next 48 hours or so.

The manuscript I will be tackling next will be the follow-up to Bringing home the stars whose title has nominally been changed to Face your Demons at the publisher’s request. You do not need to have read the first book to read this one, and similarly the first book is a nice neat self-contained story that does not require you to read this one. However, the main character is the same, and it follows what happens after he returns from deep space in the first book. Suspense and sci-fi/horror goodness all the way! It won’t be going straight onto the Kindle though, as it will go through the publishing process for a hard copy release some time in August, all going well.

I still keep myself busy though, and following on from the Orb of Arawaan editing I shall be looking into doing a similar release for Countdown to Extinction on the Kindle. I may also look into doing Syndicate Dawn, but no promises. Homo Superior and Daytrippers, before you ask, are unlikely to reappear either in print or electronically for the foreseeable future. And if you thought there was a chance I would run out of things to do, I also have another complete manuscript, The long summer of war to go through. That isn’t likely to see publication though until 2012 in all probability – I like to keep ahead of the publishing schedule! I’ll also try and start work on something new in between all this editing, because otherwise I may end up beating myself repeatedly over the head with my keyboard – editing is something that I find mind-numbingly boring compared to writing from afresh, even if it is something that does have to be done.