Jennifer Kirk signingJennifer remembers being creative from an early age, and began writing stories as soon as she was able to string words together on the page.

At the age of eleven she became one of only two girls in an otherwise all-boys school, where she remained for the next five years being rubbish at sport and excelling at science.

She left at the beginning of sixth form to go to a more conventional mixed college, becoming involved with a creative group of people who between them wrote plays, scripts, books and poetry. She also took an interest in radio production, becoming one of the driving forces behind the school radio project. Later she would go on to use this experience as the basis for a successful radio comedy programme. She studied Philosophy at Durham University between 1997 and 2000, helping to run the student radio station and also meeting her future partner.

After graduation, Jennifer moved on to work in broadcasting and journalism, working both as a radio presenter for a string of local commercial and community radio stations as well as an investigative journalist. In 2005 this all came to an end as she decided to pursue a writing career in earnest that had begun in 2002 with the publication of her first book, Homo Superior, under a pseudonym.

Three further books followed in 2006 followed by another in 2007, and her most recent work in 2011. She has also penned a large number of short stories for magazines and acts as co-writer and ideas consultant for her partner’s comics: All over the House and The Life of Nob T. Mouse.

Currently she lives in Bolton and continues to work on her books. Occasionally she is known to work as a model, and is also a keen dinghy restorer and sailor.

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  1. hi just wanted to drop you a line to say hi. i love your layout, what is its dimensions, is it dc or dcc. im australia where im from there isnt toomany females into the hobby. well not good looking ones lmao :-). So what era have u modelled ive modelled the south in the 1970/1980s as thats what i remember as a child. are you in any model clubs. id like to join but there is people that have made it hard on me. So i kinda stick to myself.

    i like your scenery work, im lousy at scenery im more a signalling operations guy lol as its also my job. yes im a signalman lol. if you got any more tips on scenery drop me a line im glad to get other peoples perspective and input. my youtube user name is signaller44 but ignore the negativity posted there about me. its not true, take care and keep up the good work.



  2. HI Jennifer (Jen if it’s alright!)

    This has little to do with this side of your life but more to know where you are with Bolton Trinity Road? I’m a fifty year old gent from Sydney Australia who has been following your youtube broadcasts since the new year and have since started a layout of my own albeit slowly, but with your (and some others on youtube) guidance!
    I am sorry to hear of the theft and brainless damage inflicted on Bolton Trinity Road, but I am sure it will bounce back with flare and style!
    I do appreciate that it is summer in the UK at the moment and working in a shed on model railways maybe a waste of pleasant weather (and maybe so), but I am worried something may be wrong? We (your regular viewers) haven’t seen a broadcast from you after your visit to Shildon? Unless you are going to give us a two hour special on the great gathering of A4’s!!! as a treat for neglecting your domestic and international followers, we need to know what’s happening (laughing and with tongue in cheek)???
    On the more serious side of things; if you have had enough and not wishing to broadcast anymore for whatever the reason, I wish you and your family only the very very best and thank you for what has been a great help and inspiration to me and many others I am sure and you would be deeply missed!

    With kind regards



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