Feeling dirty at downloading music.

I have just downloaded the digital *.mp3 version of Röyksopp’s album ‘Junior’. For some-one who is a staunch supporter of physical media this now makes me feel dirty! It is totally legal and legitimate – I feel compelled to add this as I am of an age where ‘downloading music’ still brings to the fore images in my head of hoisting the Jolly Roger and being a naughty pirate.

Of course, I hasten to add that I received this album on Gate-fold double LP first over Christmas, to add to my several thousand strong LP collection. It simply came with a little slip of paper with a code on that allows me to get, for free, a high quality digital version of the album. I was about to transfer the LP to my computer anyway, due to the frequency that I was playing it so that I didn’t risk damaging the vinyl LP, so that little slip of paper with the code on was a fortuitous discovery.

Joining this strange digital revolution is but a brief interlude for me. My next LP is on the way courtesy of Amazon UK. It will be over the dead remains of my Technics SL1210MkIIs that I would ever buy a digital copy of an album in favour to the LP or even CD version. And I assure you that the 1210s are alive and well even if they live in separate rooms these days since the demise of my DJing days.