Although she is primarily a woman of many words, Jennifer also enjoys a good comic now and then. She originally got into comics by providing the occasional joke or idea to cult science-fantasy web comic The Life of Nob T. Mouse before joining its writing team full time. Since then she has been instrumental in the development of situation comedy comic All Over The House and occasionally contributes ideas to the science-fiction, fantasy and horror anthology Ink Proof Cannon.

All Over The House: Cuteness

Working as a co-writer on All over the house has been a learning curve for all involved but Jennifer enjoys the chance to bring tiny gems of ideas to life in a visual medium. This episode, titled ‘Cuteness’, is one of Jennifer’s favourites.

The Life of Nob T. Mouse: The Junk-mailer's Dilemma

Jennifer is often first to admit that initially she did not understand the overt surrealism of The Life of Nob T. Mouse, she now enjoys the interplay between the various personalities of its central characters. This science-fantasy story has been running online since 1996 and is, in fact, one of the 17 oldest web-based comics in the world. ‘The Junk-mailer’s Dilemma’ is one of her favourite episodes.