Are Hunt Coupling packs the best you can buy? Head To Head Coupling Test!

Today Jenny is taking a look at the new magnet coupling mechanisms from Hunt Coupling. She also puts them head-to-head against several of the other major close coupling mechanisms on the market, to see which ones work the best on tight curves.

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6 thoughts on “Are Hunt Coupling packs the best you can buy? Head To Head Coupling Test!

  1. Good Morning Jennifer & production Team

    I just watched your Hunts Coupling comparison test video it was well explained and tests where carried out fairly with good clear videos I will certainly start looking at more of your videos and will sign up to your blog.
    Keep up the great informative videos thank you.

    Best regards


  2. Hi
    Just looked at the review of the Hunt coupling, you may well have solved a 50+ year dilemma for this moeller, thank you.
    Michael Hand.

  3. Thanks, I was thinking of buying these but was unsure as to whether they any good. I get fed up with tension lock couplers uncoupling themselves. These look really good.

  4. I bought a set of ordinary and close coupled units, the big issue I did have was the tails pulling out of the NEM pockets. In the end I put them in hot water and bent them out. I did point this out to the Supplier, I got an apology, but the next set were just as bad. Once I had bent the tails out they were perfect.

  5. A most interesting review of couplings I have seen. What would be an interesting project for a video is the making/adaptation of a barrier vehicle with couplings at one end at the standard uk height with the other end at a height to suit London Underground tubestock.

    I’m thinking particularly of the EFE Tubestock produced some years ago which has a removable dummy coupler at the outer ends of the driving cars. This needs some sort of adaptation to enable a suitable coupling to be inserted (maybe Kadee or Hunt?) so these unmotorised models could connect to a barrier vehicle which in turn uses a Class 20 loco for haulage between depots.

    A new EFE RAIL motorised version of tubestock is due to be released in January 2021, so a barrier vehicle for the older unmotorised models would seem a timely opportunity for Jenny to come up with something suitable for featuring in her video compilations.

  6. Hi Jennifer my name is Craig lockridge i am from monroe michigan i saw your video america rail road.i have #7 new in the car,s that i don’t use and i don’t sell on ebay and want to give them to you for free because i love your videos but i don’t know what to do to get them to you so if you would like them i will give you my email so i can know we’re to sand them

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