Interview for Wigan newspaper.

I was interviewed today for a local newspaper in the Wigan area. It went really well, despite me being really nervous before every media interview – I’m not sure why given the number of times I’ve gone live to several thousand listeners on local radio stations?

We talked a lot about the book and my writing career to date (as you would expect!). It was interesting to note that the interviewer had also noticed the rise of the Kindle reader over Christmas. I think this is a format that is one to definitely watch, though we were both agreed that we preferred a paper book to read. The times are changing, and I am aware that I certainly became a minority when it came to preferring my music still on LP in a gatefold sleeve.

I’m not sure when the article will appear. I think AMM are going to be sending a review copy of the book, so I’m hopeful that a favourable review might also be in the pipeline if they like the book. They’re going to send a copy of the article when it’s done. I do hope that I don’t come across as a bit of an idiot! Though Zoë assures me that I sound okay when I get interviewed.