On the shelves in Sweetens – buy it now!

It has been a busy day here at Jenny Towers promoting ‘Bringing home the stars’. Sales are coming in, but it is always good to have more. So I’ve been helping to produce copy for proposed features in several local newspapers. At last count there are five that All Mouse Media have approached, and these all centre around the local areas where branches of Waterstones have booked me for in-store author events (to you and me this means signings, so I’m told!).

We’ve also had a lot of posters printed up by a local printing firm. They look really good and we’ve already sent out a few to Waterstones branches in preparation for the events. We also dropped off one at the local independent bookshop, Sweetens, who have been very supportive of ‘Bringing home the stars’. It was gratifying to see that they already had some of the advance information cards up advertising it as ‘in stock now!’.

If anyone is in the Bolton area and is considering buying a copy, can I urge you to head down to Sweetens and get a copy there? They’ve been a great help to us, and I’d like to be able to return the favour in any way I can.

Remember kids: support your local author, publisher and book retailer by buying a copy in person at Sweetens in Bolton!