Signed for you.

‘Bringing home the stars’ is doing well at the moment. There’s a number of signing events confirmed coming up, with the first one in Darlington Waterstones on the 23rd of this month. It would be great to meet some of you, and you can come and meet me, talk to me about the book, shopping, or why belly button fluff is grey no matter what colour clothes you have been wearing. Why is that?

It’s also still available through the website for those of you who cannot make it, or prefer to do your shopping online. Remember that you can request a signed copy through this method – just add a request for a signed copy through the appropriate box for sending a message to seller within the Paypal checkout process. If you want a more personalised message, than spell out exactly what you want to appear in the book. It’s simple!

I look forward to signing some books, and have my best Parker pen on standby.