Stalked by stockings and debt busters

I’m being stalked on the internet by adverts for various items of lingerie and hosiery. Help! I only looked at the basques at John Lewis’ once! I’ve tried clearing my internet browser’s cache to no avail. As for the debt buster ads, I have no idea – those really are a complete mystery. Maybe the internet thinks that I bankrupted myself by buying too many pairs of 10 denier ladder-resist stockings?

On the plus side, I suppose there could be worse adverts to be stalked by on the internet. Just be glad that I don’t have the internet browsing habits of a 16 year old boy…

2 thoughts on “Stalked by stockings and debt busters

  1. Some ISP’s provide browsing information gathered by IP address to advertising organisations. Perhaps someone else in your household has exceeded the lingerie budget by long way…

  2. My partner has as much interest in lingerie, sadly, as George Bush has in moving to Iran and converting to Islam.

    As for the debt buster ads, that certainly doesn’t tally with anything we’ve been doing. It also raises a lot of questions if it is the ISP over illegal use of data without consent.

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