The Stars came home.

I’m writing the sequel to “Bringing home the stars”. It’s going alright: I’ve managed about 1,250 words so far and the structure of the story is coming together. It’s a little harder to write than the first story, because there is so much scene to set and stuff to explain, such as why the main charector has lost his career and become a drunken drop out from society in the meantime. I also have to set up the main reason as to why he’s going back after five years.

I’ve drawn out in my head a rough plan for four short stories, of which this is the second and the first is already written. They would ultimately go together as the four quarters of a novella to be the full story, and hopefully they could appear one after the other serialed in magazines if some-one takes up the option of buying them (part one is currently being considered by the first magazine – no word yet). I would ultimately look to put them together into a book, most likely with some of my other short stories and it would become “Bringing home the stars and other stories”. The total word count of the four related stories I would estimate at around 55,000 to 60,000 words.

I seem to have spent a lot of today asleep. I suppose it is no surprise after a Mammoth seven out of eight days working clocking up nearly 70 hours in the end over this extended week. But due in part to a cheque cashed late from my account for a photographer (damn these people who sit on my cheque for nearly a month making me assume it has already gone from my account when it hasn’t!) and lots of other wedding related expenses I needed to put in a lot of overtime. Usually I only aim to work three days a week, occasionally doing the odd fourth day. This week though I’m back to doing the usual three days. Unfortunately it still may be tight towards the end of the month though. I should still remain in the black on my bank account – just!

Zoë and I have tried to record another Youtube video. The only problem was that we discovered afterwards that the Apple laptop’s programme has a weird cut off point of only recording a maximum of three minutes of video, so we’ll have to look into the idea and software used again. One thought is to make use of the redundant DAT tape eating camera at my Father’s house to record stuff. I reckon it would make things an awful lot easier.

Tomorrow I seem to be busy again, despite it being my day off. Zoë has asked for a lift to a hospital appointment, and I am having my parents around for a meal in the evening. All this means is that yet again I have almost no time to put to my writing. I never seem to get enough time these days. Wah!