All work and no writing.

I seem to have almost no time for writing at the moment. I worked at the ‘day’ job six days last week, clocking up over 60 hours. On my one day off I went out for a meal and had neglected cleaning to do, so have neglected my writing. I have however managed to start a new short story out of a similar vein as “Bringing home the stars”. I don’t have much time at the moment to write a lot on it, but I’m hoping I can get it done over the next two weeks or so.

On Monday I have a day off, but I need to head off to do lots of everyday stuff like visit the bank. I’m also going to spend some time with my partner because I feel that I have been neglecting her a little recently. I might get some time for writing. I do however have two more short stories to post out to magazines, so I’m keeping up the rate of getting stuff out there.

I watched the grand prix today; one of my few vices. Unfortunately the DVD-RW I was recording to went corrupt so I don’t have the recording I made it seems. This sucks – the last four grand prixs have been lost due to recording issues now. I’m not happy about that. I have recordings going back to 2005 of various races (I would have also had the 1995 Monaco grand prix if my little sister hadn’t taped rubbish over it), but this season has been rendered patchy in my collection by the problems. Oh well. At least I got to watch it whilst it was on this time.