Big box of books from UPS…

I’ve seen the first printed copies of my new book, “The Atlantic Connection” as UPS delivered a box full this morning. I have to say that I am very impressed with the printing quality of the cover. It is immensely sharp and detailed and there are no flaws whatsoever.

In the words of the Simpsons Comicbook Guy: “Best. Book. Yet.”

Whilst sitting in a hospital waiting room today (I was somebody’s ride for a scheduled appointment)I had a flick through a copy. It’s all nice and crisp inside too, and actually even if I say so myself, a really good read. This book I heartily recomend to everyone to either go out and buy or at least get the download ebook copy. With a whole bunch of short stories on the cusp of (hopefully) being accepted and published by big-name magazines, this could be a collector’s item very quickly.

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