A list of stolen items from my model railway to look out for.

Not only did they steal my property, they destroyed the model. They really are scum.
Not only did they steal my property, they destroyed the model. They really are scum.

I was burgled twice in the space of a week by scumbags. They took an amount of model railway items (listed below) and then returned to try and steal more. When they discovered that all remaining items had been removed by me (I’m not as thick as they are so wasn’t about to leave it all out for them to help themselves) they then maliciously vandalised my model railway layout.

I would be very grateful for information leading to prosecution of these thieving cowardly criminals.

Please find below a list of all the items known to have been stolen in Bolton. Crime reference 50258K/13.

Please look out for these items and report any likely leads to the Police on 101 and quoting the above crime reference number.

Power tools:

A yellow and black DRAPER battery drill with its charger
A portable circular saw mains powered. This will still have traces of its original £29.99 price tag from where I bought it, and one of the two mounts that hold the bracket in place has cracked away from the plastic (obvious when you see the item)

Model Railway items:

Unless noted otherwise, all items are Bachmann.

31-336A 04 shunter Br blue D2258 ***this locomotive has a replacement chassis with unpainted side rods***
31-727 City class 3439 CITY OF LONDON GWR green
32-102A 08 shunter Br blue 08762
32-105 08 shunter Intercity 08800
32-107 08 shunter departmental grey 08648
32-111 08 shunter BR blue hinged door type 08243
32-879 Fairburn tank BR lined late crest weathered 42267

Also an Ivatt 2-6-2 weathered BR black fitted with push-pull apparatus. I’ve misplaced the box

The following are Hornby:

R2096 0-6-0 J94 ‘Harry’ NCB maroon
R2177 LBSC umber terrier ‘WADDON’
R2212 0-6-0 J94 ‘Whiston’ NCB green
R2335 51231 ex L&Y pug BR black weathered ***This loco has a hand painted driver figure***
R2419 class 09 shunter DICK HARDY 09012 engineer’s grey
R2454 Austerity 0-6-0 ‘Cadley Hill No1’
R2959 Thompson L1 in Apple green with BRITISH RAILWAYS 67717

The following is Dapol:

D-010 L&Y pug ’19’ in L&Y lined black livery

plus an Airfix 2-6-2 Prairie tank in GWR green with a broken coupling

plus a Hornby Dublo diecast CITY OF LONDON 4-6-2 in BR late crest maroon

Bachmann rolling stock:

33-027 MFA Railfreight green
33-079 china clay open BR grey
33-177 10 ton salt wagon ‘Mangers salt’ green
33-178 10 ton salt wagon ‘DCL’ in grey
33-179 10 ton salt ICI maroon
33-182 10 ton salt wagon ‘Snowdrift salt’
33-300B 20 ton brake van GWR
33-305 toad brake BR grey ‘shrewsbury’
33-305A 20 ton toad brake BR grey
33-375B 45 tonne box body mineral MEA ‘transrail’ weathered
33-376A MEA grey (transrail)
33-378 as below
33-378A MEA Mainline blue weathered
33-431A SSA blue
33-435 SSA scrap wagon blue weathered
33-435A as above
33-550A 46 tonne HBA hopper brown weathered
33-551C HEA hopper Railfreight red/grey weathered
33-552A HEA freightliner green weathered
33-556 HEA mainline blue weathered with graffiti
33-575 46 ton CEA hopper orange and black
33-575A as above (weathered)
33-576 46 ton CEA brown
33-576A as above
33-801 16 ton brake van
33-801 20 ton brake van BR(E) grey
33-801D 20 ton brake van BR grey
33-802 20 ton brake van
33-825A as below
33-825D Queen Mary BR brown
33-828 Queen MAry NSE blue
33-829 Queen Mary stone/barrier
33-850 30 ton bogie bolster S&T black
33-856 30 ton bogie bolster BR grey
33-856D as above
33-901B as below
33-901D bogie well wagon BR grey
37-027 5 plank ‘penderyn limestone quarries’
37-027A 5 plank ‘George Lovegrove & co’ red
37-050 5 plank wagon wooden floor ‘SR’
37-054 5 plank BR grey
37-056A 5 plank wagon ‘A E Moody’
37-057 5 plank J&R Stone
37-058 as below
37-061 as below
37-061A 5 plank BR grey
37-075 7 plank end door wagon ‘NE’
37-076 7 plank ‘Gellyceidrim collieries’
37-077 7 plank end door ‘ICI’
37-081A 7 plank end door BR grey
37-081C as above
37-082 Firestone tyres blue 7 plank
37-101A 7 plank wagon ‘Great western railwaymens coal association’
37-102 7 plank BR grey
37-107 as above
37-128 8 plank end door BR grey
37-155 8 plank ‘Partington steel and iron’
37-156 8 plank ‘Osbourne and sons’ green
37-175 7 plank with coke rail BR grey
37-175A as above
37-177 7 plank wagon with coke rail ‘Benzol & by products’
37-275 27 ton tippler BR grey Iron ore
37-275A as above
37-275B as above
37-276 27 ton tippler BR grey chalk
37-276A as above
37-277 weathered grey tippler
37-351 13 ton steel sand tippler BR grey
37-351A as above
37-354 as above
37-400 16 ton slope sided tippler grey
37-425 as below
37-425A 16 ton slope side pressed door BR grey
37-426 16 ton slope side mineral brown
37-450 as below
37-450A 16 ton slope sided mineral rivetted door grey
37-500 24 ton ore BR grey
37-502 as above
37-525 20 ton brake van BR bauxite
37-526 20 ton brake BR grey
37-527 brake fitted LNER oxide
37-529 20 ton brake fitten LNER oxide
37-575 TTA BP green
37-576 TTA esso grey BRT
37-578 45 tonne TTA ‘ICI petrochemicals and plastics’
37-580 TTA ‘total’ grey
37-666 set of 3 weathered Esso black 14 ton tankers
37-726 12 ton ventilated van BR brown
37-726A 12 ton ventilated van BR brown
37-750 12 ton fruit van BR brown
37-750B 12 ton fruit van BR brown
37-775 12 ton vent van BR grey
37-775B as above
37-776 12 ton Mogo van BR brown
37-776B as above
37-801 as below
37-801A 12 ton vent van BR brown
37-802 12 ton planked vent van BR brown
37-876 12 ton shoc open
37-901 12 ton corrugated end shocvan
37-925 3 plank ‘Buxton lime’
37-929 3 plank with LNER blue BD container
37-976 Conflat with two AF containers
38-002 HSA brown weathered
38-003 HEA hopper mainline blue
38-056 OCA railfreight red
38-061 MEA ‘mainline’
38-070 12 ton southern planked vent van large insignia
38-071 12 ton planked vent BR bauxite
38-075 12 ton plywood side vent van southern small insignia
38-076 12 ton southern plywood side vent van BR bauxite
38-076A as above
38-080 12 ton southern 2+2 planked vent van LMS grey
38-081 12 ton 2+2 plank vent van BR grey
38-086 ZKA limpet open grey
38-161 12 ton planked vent van bauxite (late)
38-180 12 ton BR fruit van Bauxite (early)
38-181 12 ton BR fruit van bauxite (late)
38-170 12 ton plywood vent van bauxite (early)
38-171 12 ton plywood vent van bauxite (late)
38-190 10 ton insulated van light blue
38-191 10 ton insulated van white
38-400 SR pill box brake van SR brown white roof

plus a Saxa salt (yellow) wagon. Also a five plank J R Wood of Southhampton open wagon in yellow/black lettering and a Wrenn fruit van in BR grey.

plus a Hornby R6123 bogie wagon with modified couplings

All items are without their boxes so the catalogue numbers are for insurance reference. One locomotive (unknown which) has been damaged as a buffer was left behind broken off during the theft.

The Bachmann 27 ton tippler wagons are all painted inside in Humbrol rust colour so are distinctive.
***All Hornby/Dapol locomotives have had their original couplings replaced with modified Bachmann slimline types. ***
None of the items are in their boxes – catalogue numbers for reference only. They may be presented in plastic stock boxes, which are a large cube with five drawers in each. One set has blue drawers, the other grey. The shell on both is grey. Some of the drawers are marked with permanent marker with numbers.

22 thoughts on “A list of stolen items from my model railway to look out for.

    1. sorry to hear about that dirty scum bags need to be shot. got here by watching 1 off your videos from YouTube .hope your still doing the layout

  1. Just seen your list of what’s been stolen Jennifer, heartbreaking!
    Best wishes Steve Burgess

  2. Hi Jenny

    We were both very sorry to see what’s happened to your model railway. We’ve been watching your videos now for about a year and found them very helpful and interesting – we’re novice model railwayers

    When we see wanton destruction like you’ve suffered, it’s serves to strengthen our belief that corporal punishment should be re-introduced. Hopefully a few lashes with the birch would make them think twice about doing it again

    I suppose the police aren’t terribly interested

    I know a few years ago, when an attempt was made to mug Lyn in broad daylight, the police couldn’t even be bothered to take a statement

    We wish there was something we could do to help you

    I hope that this action of mindless vandalism hasn’t put you off the hobby and that you’ll once again have the pleasure of seeing trains running on your layout

  3. Not good news;
    Hello Jennifer
    I haven’t found your stuff but is the following a coincidence?
    While browsing model rail stuff on Youtube, I came across this: ‘http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZfPGiQH8unk’
    And, then I saw your burglary account. Now, I don’t know where he IC82 lives and I don’t know what the stats are for robbery but you might like to guard against anyone seeing your vids and putting two and two together, in future. I’m told crooks are never usually clever but then I hear about ATM fraud …
    Might I also suggest that if you have any piks of your stolen pieces, you should post them alongside your listing. I work so much better with visuals than plain lists and you offer some distinguishing marks but if I saw any of your stuff at a fair or swap-meet, amongst all the other gear, I wouldn’t know it.
    I do hope insurance cushioned the blow somewhat.
    I’m going to send IC82 something similar.
    Good luck

  4. Wow are you kidding me, i’m so sorry to hear they have been stolen. What a shame you put so much time in to your collection. Will keep an eye open.

  5. Dear! dear Me! Jennifer, I`m so very sorry to see your Great little Diorama has been so damaged by a mindless thug,or thug`s. It`s a crying shame to see all your creative fancy and hard work so smashed up in this ugly way.Never the less it`s good to see you soldier on and repairing the odd`s and end`s they`ve left you with,but please don`t get to high from that nasty glue you use.I use cheap PVA glue on all my railway scratch building.This will only work on paper card though.Place it on both sides of what you wish to fix and wait till it`s tacky and then join together.It work`s the same way as that costly “Contact Glue!” and this way you`ll save a mint!………And there are no nasty fumes! Now as a bright 64 year old youngster I wish you well in all you do,especially on your little railway and best regards …..Paul…. from Norwich.

    1. Dear!dear Me,I`m so very sorry to see your Great Little Diorama has been so damaged by a mindless Thug! or Thug`s! It`s a crying shame to see all your creative fancy and hard work so smashed up in this ugly way.Never the less it`s good to see you repairing the odd`s and end`s they left you with, but please don`t get to high from that nasty glue you use.Now as a bright 64 year old youngster I wish you well in all you do, especially on your little railway. Best Regards….Paul …from Norwich.

  6. Dear!dear Me! Jennifer,I`m so sorry to see your Diorama damaged in such a way by mindless thug`s!It`s a crying shame to see all your creativity smashed in such an ugly way.Best Regard`s….Paul…from Norwich.

  7. Jennifer,I`m so sorry to see your Diorama and all your creativity smashed up in such a way by mindless Thug`s! Best Regards..Paul….from Norwich.

  8. Jennifer,I`m so sorry to see your little railway and all your creativity smashed up in such a way.Best regards…Paul from Norwich.

  9. I very much enjoy you regular updates and how to videos and it angered me to learn you have been done in twice. I would love to get hold of em…..

    Eyes and ears very much open.


  10. Hi there Jennifer Kirk,sorry to see that you`ve had a somewhat troublesome experience at the hand`s of thieving vandil`s. However,glad to see you`ve put plan`s into action by not only repairing the damage,but by expanding your layout,out into the garden. Your remark about stopping Vermin getting into your shed,placed a vivid picture into my fancy,of Mice commutting into your shed as passengers in your coaches,and of course all of them reading the early morning paper`s. Best of luck in all your endeaver`s,and the name of the game in life.is ” PERSEVERANCE!”

  11. Hi Jennifer, so sorry to hear about the theft – have had a good hunt online but cannot find anything, sorry. I’ll keep my eyes open. John

  12. Hello Jenny,

    I’m sorry to hear of your misfortune. The material loss is bad enough, but to have all those hours of work wasted is devastating.
    Congratulations on your videos, I really enjoy them. Unlike some videos from across the pond they are concise yet thorough and it’s nice to hear someone who can string words together to sound interesting and informative. I like your style.

    Regards, Brian.

  13. What a shame!

    Have you rebuilt your layout and found any of the models stolen?

  14. I am so sorry to hear that Jenny.
    I hope these criminals are caught and all of your items returned.
    You are my favorite train review and all around train woman ever.
    I love everything you do. It always make me feel happy. You inspired me to hobby with trains myself.
    I hope beautiful Bolton Road is up and running soon.
    Feel better Jenny. 🙂

  15. Dear Miss Kirk
    Have seen your list of stolen items and must have been gut renching for you. Yes scumbags these must be to have done this. Hopefully youll get these items back. Great useful videos for beginning modelers like myself. Cheeers Steven from Hobart originally from Peebles.

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