Why did the lazy idiot cross the road?

Walking to the pedestrian crossing, there was an idiot lolling against the light pole waiting for them to change. Except they never would, because she hadn’t pressed the button. Hence she was an idiot. The traffic was really heavy, so I don’t know what she thought would happen.

I do hate this sort of lazy person. So I reached around and pressed the button, announcing loudly “I do find that these things work a lot better if you actually press the button”.

Lights then changed instantly and I crossed. Hearing slack-jaw responses from the idiot, I turned and replied “Say whatever you want, but the only reason you are crossing this road is because of me.” Idiot had no reply to that.

Why do some people think that the traffic will part for them like the Red sea for Moses rather than pressing that really easy button?

4 thoughts on “Why did the lazy idiot cross the road?

  1. Hi Jennifer,

    Sorry to learn of your stolen railway items, however, my comment is regarding the unusual phone box at Bury Bolton Street, commented on in your YouTube video from February, which I’ve only just seen and was unable to post a comment on directly as I rarely use Google products and have forgotten my email password and Google assumes that all it’s customers use it’s products exclusively, which I don’t and cannot, therefore, successfully negotiate its security questions minefield…..!
    Anyway, the Phone box is a ‘Kiosk type K4’ – see http://www.britishtelephones.com/kiosk.htm
    I used to be a volunteer at Bury many years ago, while working for BT in Manchester. At the time the Dinting Railway Museum was closing and it’s artefacts being disbanded and redistributed. This phone box was there at the time and it was my suggestion that it would find a new secure home on the ELR at Bury, which, as you can see, it did!
    Hope this is useful, cheers, Mike.

  2. Well maybe the old crusty was lonely, depressed pre occupied with something, perhaps the issue was you? Love model railways had N gauge in the garden,looking to repeat,love your videoes!

    P x

  3. On the opposite side of the coin are the idiots who CANNOT cross without the help of the button & press it regardless of conditions within the traffic. The lights usually changing to red long after they’ve crossed because the road is actually quiet & clear, leaving an empty crossing for the motorist to have to stop at for no bloody reason!!

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