The book comes ever closer to the shelves.

I’ve spent the last few days helping to mail out Advance Information sheets to branches of Foyles and Waterstones. It’s hard work, not least because I’ve had to transcribe address from an excell spreadsheet into letters one at a time, print, then combine with the Advance sheets and hand address every envelope. There’s over 300 branches of Waterstones alone, so that gives you an idea at how longwinded the process actually is. I’ve also submitted searchable listing information to Amazon and requested that they consider a Kindle edition of the book too.

It is mentally exhausting work. Meanwhile, discounting deals are still in the negotiating stage, so watch this space (or, more importantly, watch Waterstones and Amazon’s spaces for discount deals to appear). More importantly, the first advance orders are trickling in. It’s all good, even if it feels like a thankless task at this stage. Roll on the 2nd of October and the offial release!