Progress is a dirty word unless buffed with polish.

I’m quite pleased that both The life of Nob T. Mouse and All over the house have started up again after an enforced break of a month because of Zoë’s work. They’re up online now, and hopefully they’ll be regular again just as they were.

In other news, my printer toner cartridge has spluttered out again. I’m really disappointed as the cartridge is supposed to be good for 6,000 pages, yet instead has managed only 500 before a combination of mechanical issues and a toner leak have meant its all out at the equivelent of the princeley printing cost of 12p per page. Ouch. I’ve got a replacement on order, and I now at least know to look out for old cartridges which have been refilled one too many times so as to avoid them like the plague.

Two rejections arrived in the post today. That’s not too bad, but it takes the total number of rejections up to five. Of those, one was patronising, one doodled their reply on MY cover letter (please, at least use your form reject letter), one said it wasn’t the sort of thing they represented but that it was good and I should keep sending to other agents, and one politely said they weren’t looking to take on new clients. Fair enough.