That damn printer again. Oh, and busy on the writing development front.

Another two submissions sent off today. I’ve also started looking through one of my earlier sci-fi books because it has an LGBT theme, and I’ve got some information about a magazine that might be interested in such merging of themes and genres. I still have to finish the edit for the second edition of ‘Orb of Arawaan’. I’m finding motivation hard (I dislike revisiting older works for any reason) but it’s getting there. I’m fitting it in though around my work on promoting my current writing. The idea is that it would be nice to have several novels really nicely polished, just in case a big publishing deal comes sniffing!

Those who have been following the printer saga may be interested that I have a new image drum and toner cartridge on order courtesy of Ebay. They are alledgedly brand new OEM products, but for the price I feel suspicious that the seller will be likely to somehow renage on the contract. It’s been several days since I paid for them with no contact from the seller, so I’ll give it until after the weekend and send them a message. That’s the problem with Ebay – you never quite know about the legitamacy of the items. I’ve had a few things turn out to be not quite the way they were advertised.