The mystery of a comic mouse’s head attire.

One of the side projects that I work on in colaberation with the cult comic writer and artist, Zoë Robinson, was updated online tonight here. She does most of the work, but I help with the scripting. It’s a great zany and quirky comic, and the updating fell off a bit through the final preparations of the wedding, but it should be getting back up to speed now.

Nice work on the drawing and inking Zoë! My only question for Zoë is though: where did Nob T. Mouse’s crash helmet go from the previous script?

2 thoughts on “The mystery of a comic mouse’s head attire.

  1. The current strip does not follow on directly from the previous one, so Nob Mouse’s helmet is likely to have fallen off during the run.

    Also, I forgot about it until after I’d sketched, inked, coloured and lettered today’s strip.

    Pick which sounds better. 🙂

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