Feast and famine

There’s no rest for the wicked. No sooner did I start whinging about a lack of work, then Fate fills the void. That means little time for writing and editing, though I have been doing a little on ‘Orb of Arawaan’. I even missed the F1 Grand Prix on Sunday, though I had Zoë record it to a DVD. Of course, then I had to spend the day avoiding the results. How incencitive of idiot journalists to try and continually broadcast the results on radio news without warning before the race has been repeated on television at a reasonable hour. It also did not help that two people on the night shift had been watching it in the Shunter’s little bunker and kept talking about the results very loudly. Bah! Still, I watched it in the early hours of this morning when I finally finished work.

It certainly was an interesting race. But yet again the season kicks off being plagued by idiots in charge. Everyone knew that Trulli had made an illegal overtake before the finish whilst the safety car was out. Yet not a peep from race control, and they let Trulli pop the champagne. Only after that did they dick with the results. Who are these overpaid fools who could not organise a piss-up in a brewary? What other sport would tolerate this incompitant meddling with the results after the event? Would football supporters tolerate the winning score being changed in a match after the final whistle and the celebrations had started? No – they would be tearing the nearest town a new derriére if that happened. Why then do we have to tolerate such crass incompitance in F1? I do hope this isn’t going to be another year of off-track decisions changing all the results. They lose track of the fact that it is only a game being run for the entertainment of the paying punters like me. So why are they trying to alienate and annoy the paying punters in this way?

The radio awards thing on Saturday was interesting. I knew things wouldn’t be plain sailing when the first award short list was run though. There was a radio station from Grimsby that had the best promotional trailer ever. It was head and shoulders above the others. Did it win? No. Did it come second? Not even that – didn’t even get highly commended. We sat and watched for the night as the same five radio stations vacuumed up virtually everything. In a lot of instances the entries that I thought were the best did not win. On ‘best male presenter’ I was certain that one chap by the name of Mr Bee (can’t remember his first name) would win. He was smooth, yet it went to some-one else. Oh well.

And finally. I valeted my car last week. A nice deep clean inside and out. First time the paintwork has been washed in eight months and the inside hasn’t been done for nearly four years! I even T-cutted the paintwork so it shined. Well, why bother? Within 24 hours, birds have been using it for aimed toilet training. They never used to crap on it when it was dirty.