All I ask for is one day of sales shopping before Woolworths shuts for good!

It’s been a little while since I updated here. That’s because I’ve been ill. Really ill. Ill with bells, whistles and nobs on. It’s the illness I mentioned before, that has been brewing for a while. It seems to evolve as it goes and whilst I don’t think it is flu (I have at least been able to get out of bed when a ten pound note has been left at the foot of it on the floor) it has certainly laid me low. It seems to go from a sore throught, to aches and pains to a chesty tickly cough, then it works back through them all again with slightly different symptoms. Right now I feel quite a lot better, but I am certainly not fully back up to speed. I’ve only just got my voice partially back (it’s not fully better and is still a little croaky). Some might say that’s not a bad thing and can they have a few more days of silance. We slap them though.

Consequently I haven’t been able to do the sales yet. That’s a little annoying, as I hear they are really good this year. I still have high hopes for snagging those basques in the Ceriso range in Marks and Spencer. Annoyingly their website refuses to acknowledge that these basques appear in the Ceriso range, but I know they were there as – if you will rememeber from a previous post – I browsed them whilst stepping over a perp who was busy being kneed in the groin and handcuffed.

Tomorrow I’m back at work. It’s the second day back since the major illness, and whilst I’m not looking forward to it. Zoë will testify that I only ever turn down work if I’m either already working (the little workaholic I am) or busy on my deathbed with illness (so far I’ve turned down only one day of work in the last six months this way). However I keep telling myself I need the money, so I’ll do it. Judging by the contents of my car’s sump though on the dipstick, I may well need it yet. There’s some water contamination in there and depending upon how it is getting in, that could be expensive ranging from engine repairs to new car needed. Right when I could do without it. Then again, enforced car change through mechanical issues is never welcome by anyone I suspect. I shall be driving it gingerly until Wednesday morning when I’ve roped Daddy into changing the oil and filter. I only hope that does not show up some nasty problems (like a sump full of mostly water – though the coolant tank has not lost any more than a tiny amount) and maybe even fixes the issue. Fingers crossed.

Writing work progresses well. I’m on target for reaching the halfway point of ‘Bringing home the stars and the stars came home’ by New Year’s eve. I’m really getting a handle on the story, which is always a good sign. I hope it turns out well by the end of January so I can pack it off with a hopeful smile to this agent. Zoë has suggested that its working title is a bit long, and perhaps I should just shorten it to ‘Bringing home the stars’. What do you think?