Why does illness always strike at the least oppertune times?

Ill, just in time for Christmas. That’s always the way. Well, it’s been creeping up on me a little bit. I’ve felt worked into the ground for over a week, but last night was terrible. It was made worse by being the last night shift in a run of ten broken only by one day off. Still, I felt I needed the money. Co-dydramol and Ibuprofen seem to be doing the trick though, and I feel better now. I’ll need to get some sleep when I get to Durham though. Yes, that’s right: after driving nearly 400 miles last night to finish at 7:00am, I now have to drive a further 140 to the North East. Gah! Still, at least I’m off work now until the day after Boxing day. It also means there probably will be little progress on the book, and much less updates here. But that’s kind of what I was budgeting for anyway.