State of the Jenny address.

Firstly, a very quick reminder about tonight’s reading. The piece will be ‘Bringing home the stars’ and a copy of the text is now available as an ebook. The reading begins within Second Life at 9:00pm BST. Details available in a previous post on this blog.

Other changes today (it’s been a busy day) have been the uploading of a new short story to the portfolio section. This is called ‘The walls have ears’. I wrote it a while ago, but it is now presented here for you to read. Incidentally, if you cannot find the link for the inventory of the entire portfolio’s contents, there is a link here which also appears hidden away at the bottom of the portfolio page.

The Biography page has been updated, with a new link to ‘Bringing home the stars’ as well as the updated details of the cover of ‘Countdown to Extinction’ as well as a sneak preview of the new cover for ‘Homo Superior’.

I’ve also found time to do some more work on my new short story. Other things including a practice run of the reading have stolen time from it, but I managed approximately another 1,000 words.

Enjoy tonight’s reading! See you there.