The morning after the night before.

Last night’s reading went extremely well. It’s the first time I’ve been asked to read my own work in public, but despite being a little nervous at the start there were no hitches. I got complemented on the charectorisation, the suspense in the story as well as my very clear reading voice. All-in-all a good evening, and I’ve been asked back to do more in the future.

I think next time I might do a reading of part one of ‘Daytrippers’ as this sort of lends itself to this kind of reading. I’ve also learnt that 11,500 words of ‘Bringing home the stars’ took around one hour and eight minutes to read, so the 23,000 or so words of part one of Daytrippers should be about two hours if I do a little pruning. Or I could read it in two halves.

The reading was recorded and one plan is to make the recording available as a download on the website. This may be done as the whole recording, or a part of it as it has been suggested that the recordings could be made avaiable as a recording on CD or as a *.mp3 for sale.

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