Decline of driving standards.

I’ve been noticing for a long while now that the general standard of driving is declining on Britain’s roads. So many people, especially on motorways, have no understanding of the rules of the road and of driving with due care and attention. Lane discipline is a big problem area, as is reading of approaching hazards. But the biggy is not knowing how to join the motorway from the slip road.

I’ve seen more and more car drivers running at less than twenty miles per hour at the end of the slip road waiting for a gold plated invitation to join traffic. What kind of a baffoon thinks joining motorway traffic running at speed from nearly stationary is a good idea? Why don’t they locate that little pedal on the right and actually pick a gap and match speed with it before safely merging with traffic? You know, that little pedal goes all the way to the floor. I know because I have tried it. You’d be amazed what poke even a small engined car has if you drive it correctly and with confidence.

Elsewhere on the road, the number of people who have no idea of filter lights on traffic lights and lane discipline on roundabouts. So many idiots seem determined to endanger other road users and wreck their car by turning right from the left hand lane.

So many people do not show the skill to be on the road. Cars are dangerous tools in the wrong hands, and driving should be treated as a privelage and not a right, and it must be earnt. It came as little surprise to learn then of the number of professional driving test sitters being exposed, being paid by incompitant idiots to sit their test for them.

There needs to be harsher penalties for driving without a legitamate licence or people will get killed by incompitance in ever increasing numbers