Scotland bound and a new improved rusty screwdriver

Further to my last post, it seems the quality I experienced last weekend on Radio 1 was a one-off. It would seem that those people who work on the weekend during the day are not the same as those who provide the ‘entertainment’ (and I draw your attention to those quotation marks surrounding the word) during the week.

I managed around thirty seconds of having the rusty screwdriver effect return and start jabbing me in the eardrum. I mean, seriously, who listens to this shite? Even the DJ sounded unconvinced that the rubbish he was playing was any good. Has the controller of Radio 1 just given up on attracting an audiance? No-one I know listens to this music (it was a cross between techno and bad gangsta rap) and I have never heard it coming from a shop, other radio station, or even peoples’ homes and cars. In short, no-one appears to listen to this stuff, yet they still waist valuable peak evening airtime polluting the airwaves with it.

Now I’m a pretty into music kind of girl. I often joke with people that there are only two types of music: good and bad; and every track has to be listened to at least once to decide which catergory it falls into. My record collection is vast and extensive. One of the biggest problems I find in record shops when browsing the racks, is already having 99% of the albums and singles that are worth buying. I remember attracting admiration from other DJs at Radio Bolton, Purple FM and Chorley FM that I just seemed to have available to me a copy of, well, everything. In some ways I did. But I certainly don’t have anything of what Radio 1 seems to have been playing all yesterday afternoon and evening (I tried tunign across several times just to make sure) because quite frankly it was surprising that any record label can make any money from that noise.

Gosh. I sound old when I rant about music like that, don’t I? I found an old demotape in the glove compartment of my car yesterday afternoon. I was waiting for Zoë whilst she was in an interview for a management job that I had taken her down to in Irlam. I killed the time by rummaging in the recesses of my car. Well, this tape cassette turned up. I put it on, and it was weird to hear snippets of radio programmes from way back in late 2004/early 2005. The tape was one that I tended to take to the studio and record a feed off the desk just so that I could take bits off it if I wanted to update my showreel (the radio/television equivelent of a portfolio/CV).

When Zoë returned (and she had done very well at the interview, by the way), I played her some. It was so weird to hear myself on the radio after so long when I just haven’t bothered to dig anything out and listen. One thing I will say though, is that I had a good taste in music. It sounded so like the Radio 2 playlist. Gosh! I’ll blow my own trumpet!

I went to a place called (looks up on Google Earth to ensure the spelling is correct) Lesmahagow. It was a lovely trip, and I felt a lovely glow of happiness inside me as I sat at the truck stop off junction 10 of the M74 and watched the sunset whilst chatting on my phone to Zoë. I did resist the urge to go in and have a fry-up (they know their market!) which smelt gorgeous, but I have a waistline to think of and keep in shape. Hey! It’s really hard being a woman, you know! I have to stay looking good for those posh frocks and bikinis whereas for men no-one cares about the cliffhanging belly. The closer I get to thirty years old, the harder it seems to get to keep my figure keen.

In addition to the management rôle yesterday that she interviewed for, Zoë’s portfolio has been passed over to an agent who specialises in getting work for top level copywriters and graphic designers. He is a client of my Father’s business, so it’s good to pull a few connections. Remember kids, in the media it isn’t what you know but who you know. I’ve been able to get to know a few big name journalists over the years, and I’m never too shy to ask for favours, because this industry is too hard to get through without them.

Hopefully this might get her the kind of work that she would really love to do. I have my fingers crossed for her. Her work is excellent and I recommend a trip to her website at the end of this link. I also recommend a trip to the life of Nob T. Mouse which I help her a little on generating script ideas for. She has the talent to go far.