Promoting the book at the expense of writing something new – I need a publicist.

I seem to have ended up having a few days off from writing. Or at least, that’s how it feels. I have of course actually been working on the setting up of “The Atlantic Connection” but that doesn’t feel like a writer’s work. It’s administration rather than creativity.

It is a strange thing that these days not producing any fiction written content for a couple of days makes me feel like a complete slacker. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on the importance you place on bills getting paid!) I’ve been called out on work yesterday at short notice, and for an overnight shift both tonight and tommorow night. The day (or should that be night/evening?) job pays the bills at the moment, so I cannot really ignore this sideline of work. However it does mean that creative time is limited.

I’m nominally still working on the revision of “Countdown to Extinction” but that too feels like administrative work rather than creative stuff. So I’m going to have to start on another short story or similar this week. I have a couple of ideas, but I need to develop them. Perhaps on Wednesday I’ll find the time to put fingers to keyboard and get the ball rolling on something new. I could also do with promoting the version of “The Atlantic Connection” that is up and available. Remember kids: it can be bought by following the link on the website main page in both ebook form (a *.pdf download straight to your computer at a really cheap price) or in hard paper form (i.e: a regular paperback). Tell your friends too as every sale of a book from my six available gives me the figures that I can use to push for a better publishing deal!

I’ve spent today promoting the book. Whether it generates any real interest remains to be seen.