War Survivor

“War Survivor” has gone up on the Portfolio section of the website today.

It is only a short piece, but I had been worried that I had been neglecting the content of the website recently because I had obviously been holding back all the stuff I had been writing and sending off to magazines because they like exclusivity during the magazine’s run if they buy it. Well that’s fair enough. So I put together a quick piece that was not intended to be submitted to magazines that could go on the portfolio section and make it feel loved!

The piece is a deeper sci-fi than some of the stuff I’ve been writing for magazines. It was done quickly, so don’t for a moment consider it polished. But it’s okay I think. The idea is that the charector is a survivor of a battle and is left amongst the detritus of the fighting, alive but marooned and stranded with little prospects as a result. Is it better to die in battle than to be left a prisoner of a battlefield that you cannot escape from? That’s sort of the key theme to this one.

Anyway, let’s not read into it too deeply, shall we? After all, it’s jusdt a string of words that I threw together in thirty minutes 😉