Bah Humbug!

With both the first half and the last quarter of the book finished and the third quarter largely mapped out, some might say that I’m well on my way to getting this book finished.

Unfortunately, I seem to have hit a wall of apathy towards ideas. I just can’t seem to get the inspiration to write much. Every idea I try falls deadborn from the keyboard after a few hundred words, and I’m left deleting stuff and going back to where I started.

A part of me just wants this book finished. I have other things to move on to, and I want this out of the way so I can give ‘Daytrippers’ a spruce for a second edition (which should take no more than a couple of days’ work) and a few short story ideas. Unfortunately, I find it very hard to move on until I’ve finished what I’m working on. Having ‘Syndicate Dawn’, for example, in a state of unfinishedness for nearly nine years niggled a lot. I don’t want to get within dashing distance of the finishing line for ‘The Atlantic Connection’ and have the damn thing languish for nearly a decade. I need to get it sorted and published.

Last week and the week before I was going so well, then the inspiration ran out on Friday and I’m left just milling on the page. I hope it’s only temporary and the inspiration will pick up again soon. I can but hope.