Sunburn and barbecues

Today I managed to get sunburnt. Gone is the “Goth as anything” white complection, and in comes the pink and rather sore nose and shoulders. Still, I think it was worth it for the barbecue that I went to.

I’m having a day off writing today. Yesterday I managed to finish the last quarter of ‘The Atlantic Connection’ and am left with probably about a week to two week’s work to get the whole book finished. As I had been working hard every day on top of my often gruelling day job, that’s quite an achievement.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned the day job here yet. I spend three days a week rig jockeying through an agent. It’s rather fun and is about as unconventional as it gets. I like it because it gets me out from behind the keyboard, gets me seeing the country and I get to visit alsorts of interesting places. Oh, and they pay me lots of money. Well, me and the tax man it seems.

I’ve been asked whether I would jack in the trucking if my book sales picked up enough to be able to be my primary source of income. I have thought about this, and I can only say that I would always continue to do at least one day a week simply because I enjoy the freedom and sense of wellbeing that trucking gives me. It’s a whole lot of fun: the job that just keeps on giving.