How to Get The Best Budget Deltic Sound With Hornby TXS HM7000 Installation Guide

Today Jenny shows you how to install a Hornby TXS HM7000 bluetooth decoder, the largest sound enclosure possible, and a power bank into the DP1 Class 55 “Deltic” from Bachmann. Some people say this can’t be done but those people are wrong!

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  • 00:00 Video Start
  • 00:14 Introduction
  • 02:22 Sponsors
  • 03:18 New HM7000 Sound Profiles
  • 04:42 Hornby’s Upcoming Class 55 models
  • 06:07 How to install the HM7000 Decoder in a Bachmann Class 55
  • 07:54 How to install the speaker enclosure in a Bachmann Class 55
  • 11:35 How to install the power bank in a Bachmann Class 55
  • 14:13 Reassembling the locomotive
  • 14:54 HM7000 Class 55 Sound Test
  • 19:15 HM7000 Class 55 Sound Test with Enhanced Speaker
  • 22:00 Conclusion
  • 24:06 Thanks and Sponsors