Brilliant Bargain Bachmann! Class 108 Two Car DMU Set in BR Blue Grey Livery – Unboxing and Review

Today Jenny is taking a look at the Bachmann Class 108 two-car DMU set, thanks to TMC The Model Centre. If you like the look of these locomotives and fancy some for yourself, you can get them from or even win one in our Giveaway on The Monday Club!

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  • 00:00 Video Start
  • 00:40 Introduction
  • 01:59 Sponsors
  • 02:55 How to win this locomotive!
  • 03:23 First look
  • 04:15 Class 108 locomotive history
  • 06:35 Class 108 Unboxing
  • 07:57 Class 108 Powered Car Review
  • 16:52 Class 108 Second Car Review
  • 19:19 Class 108 DC Running Test
  • 20:10 Class 108 Powered Unit DCC Fitting Guide
  • 26:29 Class 108 Second Unit DCC Fitting Guide
  • 30:52 Class 108 DCC Running Test
  • 34:22 Class 108 Giveaway Details!
  • 35:29 Scores
  • 40:02 Conclusion
  • 41:42 Thanks and Sponsors