A tour of some of famous John Wigston paintings – JennyCam 4

Jenny rolls up her sleeves today and fills you in on a state of the shed roof address. Take in the delights of the Christmas cactus and Santa on a motor-reindeer before she takes you on a tour of some of her collection of John Wigston original Watercolour paintings. These include the original ‘Eden Valley Standard’ as well as ‘In the Beginning’ and a number of others. Jenny has collected these since she was a teenager through her friendship with the artist through her Father.

‘In the Beginning’ was in part inspired by classic art such as the Sisteen chapel. It was on display for a period of time at the National Railway Museum. Two of the other original paintings were part of a batch done for stamps for Royal Mail.

John Wigston is a renowned watercolour artist who for a period was the official artist for Cunard and his works include a whole host of transport related topics. Prints can be found for sale of his works at numerous places including the shop at NRM Shildon.