Spam, Spam, horrible Spam

Most updates these days seem to be quite brief and go out via the Twitter account. But sometimes something needs a few more than 128 characters for justice to be done.

I cannot be the only person experiencing a huge spike in scamming spam and phishing texts and emails? It has gone from a low-level couple a week to around twenty a day, and for the first time these leaching scum are firing them off as text messages too. Clearly they are spamming every number combination possible via a computer, but it does beg one big question: There must be people falling for these obvious scams.

Call me harsh, but anyone who thinks that they have won a lottery they never entered is clearly a fool. I have no time for anyone actually falling for some of the more obvious scams. However the other favourites are spammers trying to cash in on ambulance chasing claims or loan insurance claims. I’ve lost count of the number of spam messages that claim that my “loan application has been approved” or that I could “claim back £2560 on [my] PPI policy” (I do not nor never have had one). It’s getting really old really quickly.

There is an urge to fire back a “sod off you scummy scrotey bottom-feeder” message, but I know such things are futile. At best all they will do is confirm to these leaching scum that the number or email address is live, and will therefore only attract more of this worthless junk.