Post Stockport signing and Knutsford signing this coming Sunday.

It’s been such a busy week between packing the house up and work that I haven’t blogged everything that I probably should. It was the Stockport signing today, and in my haste I completely forgot to announce it! Silly me. I did still get a lot of people come though (some of you must be checking the website, which is good). However the Waterstone’s in Stockport asked me to sign up a load of copies at the end, so these are available on a first come first served basis from the shop.

In case events overtake me and I forget to blog about it (the house move is on Tuesday) the next book signing event where you can come and meet me and get a personalised signed copy of ‘Bringing home the stars’ is at the Knutsford branch of Waterstone’s in a break from the usual formula, I will be there on the coming Sunday which is the 5th of June. I believe that I am scheduled to do 11:00am to 3:00pm. I don’t often do signings on a Sunday, though I did do one at the Metrocentre and at Darlington which were successful. I look forward to seeing people there!