Mortgage refused, it appears, because of a disability?

This week has already become hassle. The mortgage provider has withdrawn the provisionally approved mortgage. Why? Because I have a gap in my employment filled by Incapacity Benefit because of a relapse in an illness I have. The illness is a recognised disability which the mortgage provider were made aware of. Apparently because of this, and not because of my earnings (which if I had earnt the same amount over the same period without the period of illness would have been fine), then cancelled the offer of a mortgage AFTER we have had an offer accepted on the house we want to buy.

We are now getting a mortgage via a broker which will be with a different provider. I don’t like to particularly talk about my illness in public, but it is a recognised disability and can on occasions become a struggle. However, I was very much under the impression that refusing a mortgage to some-one in this way effectively amounts to direct disability discrimination. The mortgage broker working for the lender refused to talk to us on the telephone and we are still waiting for the branch mortgage advisor to get around to returning our calls.

Rest assured that the bottom-kicking-device will be deployed if the lender fails to respond.