Book launch day!

Today has finally come, in the form of the official release date of ‘Bringing home the stars’. We’ve been shipping preorders for about three weeks, and there was no hard and fast rule about retailers holding them back until today (why should we?) so some people will have already got a copy and read it.

So from today it is a good opportunity to get buying. It is available from all the usual retailers, a lot of indie bookstores and branches of Waterstones. Currently I’ve been recomending the book depository though (hopefully a sign of demand) they’re currently out of stock.

So a big thank you to all those who have purchased a copy so far as you’re helping a wonderful indie author (me) and an indie publisher (All Mouse Media) to make headroads into a publishing world otherwise dominated by a small minority. If you haven’t bought a copy yet, then why not? It’s the best fiction book that has been released certainly today and maybe all year* and you will not regret getting a copy to read and enjoy.


*contents may be an exageration