I really fancy a takeaway; know what I mean?

The boat didn’t sink yesterday evening. Actually, it floated perfectly and remained bone dry (except for the water from my wet trainers which doesn’t count) all the time it was on the water. The only problem was lining it back up with the trailer to haul it out, which resulted in a nasty scrape down the keel and the fibreglass to one side. All got sanded and touched up this morning, so no problems there.

On Monday I’m off out to buy a few important-yet-necessary items. Namesly: a trailer lighting board; spare wheel; mudguards and fittings and; some kind of security device to stop some scrote from pinching the trailer. Hopefully they won’t be rip-off priced.

As it’s the weekend I’ve only written 500 words. I feel guilty for taking days off (even if they are the two days a week that everyone else gets and takes for granted). 500 words is a compromise. Hopefully by Monday ‘Long summer of war’ will be done and I can get on with something else, in the form of BHTS2 editing. After that I’ve already got another book idea ready to write (straight sci-fi this time) so I guess I’ll be keeping myself busy through until Christmas.