State of the Jenny address.

I don’t post many pictures of myself on the blog. Perhaps I find it a bit narcistic. But I’ve just been browsing through some of the pictures that Zoë took whilst we were on holiday in Wales. I don’t think I photograph at all well. I have a forehead that you could see from space and limp hair that refuses to do much of any style except ‘crap’. But as pictures go, this one isn’t too bad:

I’m back at work writing, as we’re waiting on the printing of ‘Bringing home the stars’. It won’t get delivered until the 28th of June. It makes this a strange time where I want to get on with the promotional work, but there isn’t actually any physical copies to do promotion with. Until the 28th we’re at a loose end.

So I’ve settled down to do some much-needed writing. I had a couple of good book ideas whilst on holiday (not to mention brain storming a lot of scripts for the two comics so that there should be plenty of new strips to come – but that’s a different story). I’m not a person who likes starting something new until I’ve finished what I’ve been doing before. So I’ve made myself settle at the computer and start writing ‘Long summer of war’ again. I’m only just approaching the 60,000 word mark, and it’s at that stage of writing that ever writer hates where they are getting a little bored of a project and want to move on to something new. I’ve got ideas on the boil, but don’t want to feed energy into doing them until after this one is done. I suppose it is a form of procrastination; I’ll be doing all the housework as writing avoidance next. Oh wait a minute – I’ve already done that!

25,000 – 30,000 words to go, then this draft is done and I can move back to writing my first love: Science fiction. I’ve got a really good story lined up.