On the campaign trail.

Zoë is out on the campaign trail again tonight. It’s amazing how many people I know are getting involved in politics – I have friends from at least four political parties.

We’re in a marginal Labour held seat here. Zoë wants to go into politics, and has been helping diligently with the Conservative capaign for a long time now. She writes the constituency newsletter, does a lot of the mailing list stuff and helps out in any way she can. Tonight she is doing the unloved task of telephone canvassing.

With news of a bigot being uncovered standing for parliament for the Conservatives, it is saddening news. It really does bug me that these religious bigots think it is acceptable to stamp on minorities. If this had been known about sooner, that candidate would almost certainly have been deselected one hopes. It is not a Conservative exclusive nark – there are bigots in all the parties, unfortunately. I suppose it is everyone’s job to expose the bigots so that people know what they are voting for. The Conservatives are certainly not anti-LGBT. There are quite a few LGBT people in this constituency alone actively working within the Conservative party.

Perhaps in five years time Zoë might be able to persuade the Conservatives to select her as a prospective candidate? She tried to be selected as an MP candidate, but the Conservatives were overwhelmed by applications. I’ve told her that she should push for standing as a councillor first, to gain experience. However, there are a lot of other people wanting to stand too. I guess it is a case of waiting in the queue.

2 thoughts on “On the campaign trail.

  1. Very interesting. I’ve never been involved in politics beyond donating to certain campaigns. Sometimes I think I’d like to get more involved.

    It’s sad that sometimes politicians can treat minorities in such a way and get away with it. You’d hope they’d get voted for acting in such a way, but that is not always the case…

  2. It seems, as the story has developed, that the candidate in question has denied the alegations. Moreover, it is starting to look like a dirty-tricks smearing campaign. Suddenly, it isn’t clear as to whom to believe.

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