Finally something worth watching.

The illness has finally decided to show me the light at the end of the tunnel. I lost my voice yesterday (no bad thing some people might say) and got a really lousy night’s sleep last night. However, cutting my losses I got up at 5:00am ready for the Australian F1 Grand Prix. I actually began to feel better pretty quickly once I was moving around. No longer did it feel like I was trying to swallow red hot sand whilst being choked with nose plugs in. I can breathe again!

The Grand Prix was far better than expected. After Bahrain two weeks ago, the new rules were looking somewhat rubbish. However they have tweaked them a little, with a lower pit lane speed limit. The rain, however, really shook things up. I have to say that I was beginning to despair at Button’s driving, but his early change of tyres onto slicks really was a great move. Perhaps a lap too soon, but it did pay off. Why Hamilton was brought into the pits for a second tyre stop mystified me as well as him, if the radio broadcasts were anything to go by. That cost him the race.

However, when Hamilton came up upon Alonso’s car at nearly three seconds per lap, it showed up the overtaking problems that F1 still has. There was a lot being discussed about adjustable rear wings, and if that tussle was anything to go by, something needs to change. I hope that they make any changes in time for the next race. There was plenty of overtaking elsewhere though, but I think there is room for improvement to make sure that F1 doesn’t become the boring procession that it has descended to so much over the last few years.

Today I really need to get reading that novella I’m supposed to be working on. I’ve lost a week because of this horrible illness, and I feel bad about it. I really wanted to keep the momentum that I had up. Hopefully I’ll be able to motivate myself to knuckle down and read it today to refamiliarise myself with the plot and charectors before writing away on it.

There’s been no news from the agent over BHTS. I suppose I should drop him an email to check up on how things are going.