The words fall into place.

There comes a critical point in writing any book when all of a sudden all becomes clear. It may surprise you to know that I don’t have a Grand Plan when I start writing a book. I hate notes almost as much as I hate writing with a real pen or pencil (I’m one of those computer generation who would rather tap on keys). There’s an idea in my head, of course, but from then on I’m almost ashamed to admit that I make it up. No, really, I do. Actually – all fiction writers do. That’s why it’s called fiction. But it helps when suddenly all the pieces fall together and the story can from then on almost write itself.

I have reached that point with BHTS2 (new catchy title will be worked on later). Today I had an epiphany, and I finally worked out where the plot is going and how it will all fit together. That’s a pretty good feeling to have, which makes a change from the rest of the crap illness and bad luck laden week I’ve been having. I’ve discussed the plot and key points with Zoë, and I’m pleased to say that she does rather like it. Either that, or she is just homouring me so I don’t cry in front of her.

Progress has been very rapid, notwithstanding the fact that I have been suffering with bad migraines as well as a resurgance of the bad depression that I suffer from. How strange the world is. I wrote nearly 6,500 words on Friday, and a further 4,500 words today. To put that into perspective, that’s the equivelent of having just written the number of words contained in the average undergraduate dissertaion, in two days. And I even found time to play through Rock Band on the drums for breaks (note to self – does not help migraine recovery very well). It’s good writing too that I’m proud of. I had worried that I hadn’t quite got a handle on getting enough horror into this horror book, but I seem to have found the shit-your-pants scary button and am not afraid to use it.