That’s the name of the game.

BHTS2 (I really ought to come up with a proper name for it) has passed the 20,000 word milestone. Now, writing should not be measured in black and white targets, but I have to say that in my mind I do like it when I pass each 10,000 word mark. I usually aim for the 90,000 word mark, so that puts me at two-ninths complete. What an awkward fraction! Go Jenny! (Deploy the cheerleaders….)

It’s been a busy old day today. Actually, I’m quite pleased with myself. As part of the “oh-shit-I-weigh-what?” dieting regime I’ve done very well. All those sneaky chocolate bars have been cut out, and the midnight shove-a-plate-of-chips-in-the-oven snacks are history. I’ve also made myself more active, walking a little bit more than usual, much to the annoyance of Zoë I guess (her poor walking stick is wearing out I suppose).

The parts came for upgrading my laser printer. I discovered whilst printing stuff off for the agent that its internal memory of 2Mb, whilst fine for the average print job, is rather overtaken when sending over 5Mb to be printed. This manifests itself with the printer eventually printing blank pages, probably because – like me – it forgets what the hell it was supposed to be doing. It has one of those old archaic 72pin SIMM slots, so I utilised the joys of Ebay to track down some of these obsolete things and slotted one in. Lo! My printer can now handle 10Mb with ease! (Don’t spend that all at once). It’s strange how quickly technology moves on.

We have discovered the joys of baking here at Jenny towers. I suppose that with Zoë being allergic to wheat, it was only a matter of time before baking reared its head. We’ve discovered that chocolate sponge sandwiched with whipped cream and jam is rather fine, as is fruit cake. Before you say: “And why were you wondering where those few extra pounds you are carrying around?” we are doing them in moderation. Well I am. I let Zoë eat most of them. As much as I wanted to have more I was a good little girl* (for a change).

*Contents may vary from description.