Insert vaguely amusing post title here.

It has been a busy week and one that has had its fair share of difficulties. Luckily the biggies are now sorted, so I won’t labour them on the blog. Safe to say for those who follow my Facebook status updates, the problems with publisher submissions have been fixed, and we are back on track with BHTS! One day, many years hence, I may look back on this week and laugh. Whether that laugh is manic or otherwise remains to be seen over the next few months.

Yesterday I got the all-clear from the agent with regard to moving BHTS on to the next step. Editing is done, and I mailed today ten copies of the synopsis plus first three chapters to the agent for him to work magic on with publishers’ editors. I have my fingers (and toes, etc, etc…) crossed but I am assured by a number of people who have read BHTS that it is an astounding piece of written work, and will undoubtedly challenge for the bestseller’s list once on board with a publisher. Oooops – I think my head is in danger of getting too big to get out of this room without a squeeze. Doors to manual.

It means that work on BHTS2 has slowed to a crawl. When things went up in the air, it removed the urge to write on it. After all, I was spending all my free time frantically sorting out problems. Still, those problems are sorted now, so we’ll chalk it down to experience, shall we? I hope so. Hopefully now that the huge (It cost £8.40 to post which is quite a lot for a parcel) parcel is away to the agent in London, I can settle back into the rigours of writing BHTS2. The agent knows that I’ve been working on it, so I can only hope that it will be a sweetener in any deal (“….this astounding book already has a sequel on the cards….”).

In other news, Valentine’s day approaches. You know that you’ve been together a good few years when the card says: “I love you soooooooo much! Please see last year’s card for details”. Still, any old excuse to pop the cork off a bottle of Cava and serve booze in bed in the morning whilst dressed only in a basque set and stockings with a tacky red heart motif. I’ll put a couple of bottles in the fridge to chill.