Real meat, how I miss thee.

Last night my Mother came for tea. I decided to cook lasagne, which is a dish I love and used to make a lot until Zoë developed a wheat allergy. As a home made lasagne’s size is dictated by the size of the jars of ingrediants, and also the Pyrex dish used to cook it in, I never contemplated cooking one all to myself.

I made one – first in over a year – and decided to use real meat instead of Soya mince as Zoë wasn’t anble to eat it regardless.

Oh real meant, how I miss thee! It was truly wonderful! There was a lot left over, but I’ve experimented with freezing it in small portion sized Tupperware boxes. It works beautifully. So I have enough lasagne now to feed me all through the week. The best thing is that I don’t have to eat it all at once (as was previously the way when I cooked a lasgne and it all had to get eaten within two days) and can space it out around other meals to vary my diet.

So lasagne is back on the menu here at Jenny towers. I love cooking interesting food.