I have the funkiest dreams when hallucinating with a fever.

You may have wondered why I was being a little quiet over the last few days. Actually, you most likely didn’t, but I’ll tell you why anyway whether you like it or not. I seem to have been struck down by a mystery illness. It’s been partially like flu, though as I made it to the corner shop and back today (only just!) it is safe to say it can’t be full-blown flu. But it has been close at times. Yesterday is a delerious blur, due in no small part to a massive fever, dizzy spells and major joint pain coupled with bouts of pins and needles and nausia. And they are just a few of the symptoms. I’m still pretty weak even after averaging twenty hours a day asleep, so I shan’t write too much. Suffice to say I am alive (though it didn’t feel like it yesterday) and ‘normal*’ service will be resumed as soon as I am well enough.

*am I ever?