There’s life out there on this spartan ball of dust.

I had an interesting letter in the post the other day. It was a five month old response from an agent. I’d actually forgotten about it; after all, that’s far too long to expect a genuine reply. But it came.

In light of recent developments I found the agent’s comments a little amusing, not least because in the SAE he managed to enclose tewnty pages of some-one else’s manuscript. It left me wondering whether he was talking about my manuscript, or the chic lit that had got mixed in? I’m actually suspecting that he may well have got them mixed up. Wouldn’t that be a bugger if some chic lit author got an offer for representation for a book they know nothing about, much less wrote?

It was interesting to have a read of some other budding author’s work. It somehow made the treadmill of sending out to agents that I have done for the last five months human again. It is easy to forget about the rest of the world and think I’m the only one doing this, but receiving this extract brought home that there are so many others out there struggling too.

Hopefully I’m not struggling any more 🙂