Alfred Bester – ‘The stars my destination’

I thought I’d end todays splurge of postings with a quick review of one of the SF Masterworks that really did stand out to me. I read it a couple of years ago now, but Alfred Bester’s ‘The stars my destination’ is one of the most awe-inspiring sci-fi books of the series. There is geekery terms, but they do not overpower the book and are just right for the context. The charectors are strong, and the work paints one of the most vivid mental landscapes of the world it is set in. Smooth prose was easy to read, and it is a book that I would not hesitate to recomend. Off the back of reading this, I got the other Alfred Bester book in the series.

Overal I would rate it at a resounding 9½ out of 10. An excellent book and well worth the read.Just a reminder: the reviews I post are deliberately vague so as not to blow the plot.