Ready for the belated honeymoon.

Tomorrow we’re off on holiday nice and bright and early. This will be the first proper holiday (as opposed to being away to do stuff) that I’ve had since 1996. As you can probably guess, I’m not really the kind of person who does a lot of holidaying!

It will also double as the honeymoon for our recent civil partnership in March this year. Now that will be fun! I keep teasing Zoë that I’m going to pack all my bridal lingerie and night attire and that she has to carry me over the doorstep of the caravan. Or something like that.

Luckily the caravan was towed out to the site last week by my parents who were staying there before us. We take over the pitch from them tomorrow. At least it means that I only have to tow the caravan one way, which is a bonus.

I’m looking forward to time away taking in the sites of North Wales. Just as long as the weather is nice! I’m wondering what fuel economy my car will manage both with and without a caravan behind it. I managed to average 41.35mpg on the way to and from Durham last week, which is an all time record and better even than the manual for the car suggests should be expected. All hail the restraint shown by my right foot! Fixing the sticky thermostatic valve with a dose of Barrs seems to have worked well, keeping the engine at a more even temperature instead of overcooling it when not under load.