Car sickiness, of Nobmouse and some photos for a magazine.

Time marches by. I’ve been in South Wales in Ystradgynlais for the weekend. It’s a long time since I’ve been down to that part of the World, and I’m guessing at least six years may have passed since I was last there. The occasion was visiting my Granparents who were celebrating their Diamond (60th) wedding anniversary. That’s a long time!

Because we hitched a lift with my parents in their car, it meant that for the first time in longer than I can remember, I ended up able to sleep on a car journey. This was just as well, as I quickly became aware that when I am not driving and sat in the back of a car for any length of time, I get car sick just as I did as a child. On the way down I bought a magazine from Frankley services on the M5, and lo and behold there was a letter on the letters page quoting me from an article I wrote that appeared in a previous issue. Isn’t that grand?

I’ve been busy on NaNoWriMo and The life of Nob T. Mouse this last week. I’ve been helping Zoë develop the Nobmouse scripts and throwing ideas at her which she seems to have liked a lot. Consequently she has a few weeks’ ideas in hand for the strip. Don’t forget to vote using the links on the left hand side half way down when you visit the strip!

NaNoWriMo also goes well with the wordcount reaching the ‘nearly there’ region of 45,000 or so words. Just a little bit more and I’m past the target and I’ve got just slightly more than a week to go. Not bad. However, as usual, there are lots of things vying for my time at the moment. One of these is doing the ‘Bringing Home the Stars’ for the radio. Hopefully that will go well.

Finally, I’ve been asked about doing some more lingerie/uniform modelling. I tend to make this more of a hobby than a fulltime job due to lack of time with my other commitments, but have done a number of more recent cover shoots for books. It makes an unusual change, and everyone has to have something a little bit interesting to do (as if writing books wasn’t enough).