On the radio – for real

This morning I was on the radio. Now, I’ve been interviewed since I left broadcasting about some of the work I do on local and national radio, but its been a long time since I actually did a programme with me as a presenter. Today, however, that long break was ended when IO took over the controls at a radio station outside of Preston.

I did two hours, and coped quite well. We did a programme themed to music that has appeared in computer games. No, not the tetris music! Stuff like the music used in the Guitar Hero series of games and that gets played on the radio within the games of the series Grand Theft Auto.

Unlike most radio stations these days, they have retained non-computer playback facilities, and I was able to ignore their computer playout system (one of the reasons I left broadcasting in the first place) and play music mined from my own record collection off CD and vinyl.

I took Zoë along with me. It was the first time that she had been in a proper radio studio, even though she was a presenter for a while on an internet radio station (which she did from home on her own computer). She seemed impressed, though I think I may have unnerved her by placing her in front of a second microphone and occasionally talking to her live on air!

It’s always a sign that things are going well when before you know it the time is at an end and it is time to go. The hours just flash on by! Hopefully this isn’t a one off, but will be repeated more often. Well, they’ve given me swipe cards and ID tags so I can get through the doors (even though I forgot to take them today and had to borrow the spare key from reception to get through the doors – the shame!) so they must be expecting me back.

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  1. Actually, I just talked about stuff™ like most people on the radio do. I’m not sure what I said about my writing work. I think I didn’t dwell on it too much. Hopefully next week I’ll be recording a radio drama based on one of my short stories, which will be fun.

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